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 The Hanriot HD-1


The Hanroit HD-1 was a contemporary of the Nieuport 17 and Sopwith Pup. Pierre Dupont Designed
the HD 1 in 1916 following his experience gained when designing racing planes. The result was a
supremely manoeuvrable aircraft well suited to dog fighting. The French air force chose not to use the
plane because of an incident in which a famous French ace was nearly killed while flying an earlier
Hanriot manufactured aircraft and because it used the same power plant as the Nieuport 17. The
HD-1 found favour however with the Belgians and Italians who appreciated its superior agility when
compared to the Nieuports then in service.


aircraft papercraft papercraft    

The model depicts a machine used by 9me Escadrille in the Belgian air force operating in Flanders in 1917.  These were amongst the most colourful unit markings of the First World War.
The construction stages of this model can be followed on the workbench.

Switzerland also used the HD1 for home defence.  Modelled here is HD-1 No 633 of  Fleigertruppe 5 1919.
Many thanks to Steve Cole for his help in finding research material and his kind permission to use some of his photographs as reference for the kit.
  • detailed cockpit

  • detailed clerget engine

  • detailed vickers gun

  • 6 A4 pages of Parts

  • 6 pages of construction diagrams and written instructions

The kit is currently available in two colour schemes in 1.33 scale.

It is available for immediate download.


The Belgian and Swiss versions of the Hanriot HD1 can be purchased for $7.99 each and downloaded immediately after purchase.

The Workbench

Here are  pictures of the Hanriot HD1 under construction


Hanriot pilots seat, before folding Hanriot cockpit floor, seat and control bars The formers for the fuselage Hanriot HD1 kit parts  
Holes in the seat were made using a cobler's hole punch. The assembled cockpit floor The formers and the fuselage.  After several experiments with different glues I found that  Spraymount gave the best results when it was used to fix the model template to the artists board,
The wing jigs are included in the kit.  They are used here to get the proper wing stagger and dihedral Wing Jigs in use Wing Jigs in use  

 The free sample can be seen built here too.

Free sample built

The main parts


Free sample built

Cut out the fuselage inner and outer


Free sample built

Main body former


Free sample built

A rasp clears out the wing root



Free sample built

Main wing spar and lower wings



Free sample built

Port lower wing fitted

Free sample built


Hanriot HD1


Finito!  (about four hours)

The freebee and the much larger Belgian kit.


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