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Our kits consist of between a hundred to two hundred parts.  Inside the pdf files you will find extensive historical research material, 3-views and of course the parts of the model.  The model files also contain links to material available on the world wide web in order to help to produce a replica to your liking.  The instructions include drawings and photos of the construction process.  Here are some examples of the kit parts of the 5-colour Hanriot HD2 seaplane and also the completed models.

Willy Coppens scored 37 victories flying  Hanriot HD1s.

This aircraft is available as High resolution 1/33 and 1/72 scale kits.

Sopwith Swallow.  A prototype high wing monoplane developed from the Camel.  Used by  the RNAS until 1919.  This aircraft was used as the personal runabout of Harry Hawker.
The 1000th Sopwith Camel. 

Built by the Ruston Proctor works in Lincoln UK.  This is probably  the most colourful Camel ever flown.


Ernst Udet's Siemens Schuckert DIV.  The only WW1 pilot credited with  destroying a tank!

The Schuckert fighter was even more manoeuvrable than the Fokker DVII

The beta version Michael Hesse's build of the release version
The Siemens Schuckert DIII had a broader chord wing than the DIV and consequently climbed faster and higher than any other fighter of the time.  The Swiss Airforce flew this machine until the mid twenties.
Hanriot HD2:  Available in 5 colour schemes
The Hanriot HD2 was a development of the HD1 fighter.  It saw service with the French air force in the defense of the Dunkerque Naval base and also with the American air force after the First World War

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Model built by Raimund Kelterer

All the models above are competitively priced, and contain quality reference and research material.  You may need other materials or tools which can be purchased from our affiliates.

Of course if you prefer  1/32, 1/48 or 1/72 scale  plastic models then you can purchase them here too.


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