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October 8th 2005

To the public,

It has come to our attention that a number of models sold by Paperwarbirds have been uploaded illegally to peer to peer networks and several nefarious file sharing websites.  This is theft, pure and simple.  The combined cost in terms of lost revenues so far in 2005 amounts to three times our annual turnover.  For a business that depends on the honesty and integrity of its customers, and assumes that all are honourable people, this is a sore blow.  It is especially irksome since it was made plain that if one wants to share a kit with a friend then the licence details allowed this, provided that the kit was given in PRINTED HARD COPY format and the electronic files kept under wraps.  For a short while we considered removing the facility for instant downloads, or implementing patent technology to imprint customer details onto our pdf files, hidden thousands of times over as microdots. We relented on this course of action however, since it is still our belief that the vast majority of folks are  honest and we do not seek to penalise the many for the actions of a few.   Following our threat to use legal action and implementation of a cease and desist order against the file sharing hosts, our kits have been removed from such places that encourage the theft of intellectual property.

If you have obtained a copy of one of our models from an illegal source, please donate a sum equal to the cover price via the paypal or credit card links.  Go on, just in case there is an afterlife.


Paperwarbirds will pay 10% of awarded damages to persons for information leading to a successful prosecution

To the person illegally sharing our files,

Consider this:

A room with a view, and probably a big hairy room mate called Mungo.

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All content on these pages is protected by copyright and is the property of Paperwarbirds unless otherwise stated.  Copying and hotlinking of images is expressly forbidden.  Written permission must be sought.  "Paperwarbirds", "Wings of Horus" and  "Wings of Horus Models"  are trade names of Marcus Harman.  "Digital Card Models" is a tradename of Steven Bucher and "Thaipaperworks" is a tradename of Chatchai Kumpeerapong.   Unauthorised use of these marks for profit is expressly forbidden.  Infringement will be vigorously defended.