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All the aircraft models on these pages have been made from flat sheets of paper!
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Welcome to Paperwarbirds.com.  This is an aviation site dedicated to the art of designing and building scale model aircraft from cardstock and paper.  Surprising results can be achieved using this medium with fairly limited time and resources when compared to mainstream kits.  There are a few free samples on offer and several of the warbirds showcased here are available to purchase as a downloadable e-book.  There are also links to various research materials via external sites.  Here are some of the models designed by the website owner.

Card Model Hanriot HD2 float plane Card model Fairey Flycatcher Card Model Fokker DR1  (Jasta 5) Card Model Moska MB Bis
Hanriot HD2 Fairy Flycatcher Fokker DR1 Moskca MB Bis
1/33 Scale 1/32 scale (reduced to 1/144) 1/32 scale 1/32 scale (reduced to 1/144)
Built: R. Kelterer, Austria Built: M. Harman, UK Built: Arnuilfo Cadena, Mexico Built: Ray Smith, USA
All the above kits are paper, not plastic.  

Models will be available again on CD soon

The old building board is back in business.

 I have finally moved to digital mastering of my kits.  I arrived at this decision when I just could not get the Pfalz lower wing right using my traditional methods.  The complex lower wing junction unfolds of the Pfalz DR1 broke my slide rule, so the Fokker TV and Flycatcher will be my last analogue models.  Meanwhile here are some progress pics for you of the Pfalz DRI in virtual and real form.  This one has been great fun to design and build, and has been completely redone in 3d.  I ditched the previous alpha version because sometimes you just have start from scratch.  You can see the results here.  I'm very pleased with the final result and I'm sure you will be too.  I have retained the same style of layout with the kit and offered with it, as in all my kits, several alternative routes of completion. The model is offered in 1/32 scale and features completely redesigned Spandau machine guns and Siemens Halske SH III rotary engine.  The level of detail offered in this kit is on the very limit of what paper can achieve and is as close to scale as is physically possible in this medium.  The cockpit also includes a seat, pedals, instruments and a control column.  I  have included enough detail so that anyone wanting to use an A3 printer to get to 1/16th scale can do so easily just by scaling the page.
I have also set up the model on US letter format (8.5 inch x 11 inch) and European A4 (210 x 297mm) standards.  Both formats are bundled in the kit package, so just print the one you can most easily get paper for.  
Fokker T5  
You can also expect to see a Sopwith 1 Strutter, Pfalz DVII, Pfalz DVIII, Caproni Ca 33 a

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